Xbox live not updating payment option

Finally i got an english person, explained it all, and asked to change or delete the old inactive creditcard off my account so i can add this voucher for the membership, and that was how i wanted to pay for Live from now on with pre pay cards.

Main reason why I ask this is because this happend to me a while back..almost a year ago.

I forgot that I enter my CC on the site to get XBL to work on my OBX.

from they procedure you will know how many days they take to get back in contact for a complaint and make sure they follow up or you follow them up on they own complaint terms. and if the people on the front line also have the same problems getting rid of the arrears before you can apply the card then you need to escalate the problem thought they departments until you get to someone who has the access on they systems and authority to alter your account. dig deep they will be someoene in there with the access you need to sort ur problem,.

after all they should be able to debit your 12 months and deduct how ever many months you've been unpaid. and if you insist and dig deep into they team until you find people who can have access to remove the debt and do any good will jestures, as in most customer service teams the front line usually cant add any credits to your account and need someone with supporior authority to remove any debt or give ya a credit on ur account. and put in a complaint if they refuse to move this on. id just straight up tell them look my card got cancelled i no longer have a credit card etc so then this is the only way forward.

It will charge you for what you owe and probably again for what you have your payment set to.

It will let you add a new card, but not use pre-pay voucher to renew.strange. I had your exact issue about a month ago and what you have to do is put in a new credit card.Hmm So unless i use another card my gamertag is pretty much useless now! Good luck man When i try to sing in to my account on Xbox live it says that message.So when i click update profile it takes me to the account management, but then it kicks me back to the dash board. You guys need to learn to speak to customer service. I've bought a 12 months live subscription pre-pay voucher today renew my acount, but it wont let me add the voucher. I dont want to use creditcards to renew membership, much prefer the pre-pay. Last week my gamertag/account had been banned due to a problem with payment (right menu pops up with this message on log in to live). Live subscription was due for renewal about 2 weeks ago, and like most some propleforgot it needed renewing. voucher comes up 12 month subscription, but it says some garbage about already subscribed to re-active account change payments options..confusing!After speaking to 3 foreign people, none of them had a clue honestly.

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