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to accept properties for wedge and text objects in a pie.For example, one can specify wedgeprops = to specify the width of the borders of the wedges in the pie.

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The added features are: in order to customize the violin plots to their liking.

This feature was implemented for a software engineering course at the University of Toronto, Scarborough, run in Winter 2014 by Anya Tafliovich. You can now specify a subset of markers to show with an int, slice object, numpy fancy indexing, or float.

For more properties that the user can specify, look at the docs for the wedge and text objects.

Per Parker, Gregory Kelsie, Adam Ortiz, Kevin Chan, Geoffrey Lee, Deokjae Donald Seo, and Taesu Terry Lim added a basic implementation for violin plots.

A new, colorblind-friendly colormap is now available at Phil Elson added a new backend, named “nbagg”, which enables interactive figures in a live IPython notebook session.

The backend makes use of the infrastructure developed for the webagg backend, which itself gives standalone server backed interactive figures in the browser, however nbagg does not require a dedicated matplotlib server as all communications are handled through the IPython Comm machinery.

Violin plots can be used to represent the distribution of sample data.

They are similar to box plots, but use a kernel density estimation function to present a smooth approximation of the data sample used.

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