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These services include crisis communications, financial and human resources management, research and development efforts, project management, industry liaison, facilities and asset management, technical intelligence analysis, and domestic electronic surveillance support.

The OTD’s Technical Response Unit (TRU) specializes in providing secure communications to deployed FBI personnel at any location globally.

Core functions include wireline, wireless, and data network communication technologies.

Technical capabilities, services, and tools to the FBI, other law enforcement agencies, and the IC in support of investigations involving digital evidence (i.e., computers, audio, video, images, commercial electronics).

Operational Technology Division (OTD) mission: To deliver technology-based solutions that enable and enhance the FBI’s intelligence, national security, and law enforcement operations. OTD’s capabilities can be categorized into seven areas, all of which are used across the Bureau’s intelligence, national security, and law enforcement operations.

OTD vision: To counter current and emerging threats through applied technology. Brooks OTD customers: FBI personnel based in the U. and abroad; federal, state, and local law enforcement; foreign law enforcement; U. Technical expertise, services, policy guidance, and support to the FBI and the Intelligence Community (IC) in collecting evidence and intelligence through the use of lawfully authorized electronic surveillance.

The simple truth is that most pets do not have a massive lifespan (3-6 years for rodent-type animals and up to about 20-25 years for exceptionally long-lived individual dogs and cats) and we humans often outlive them many times over.

Consequently, most people who take on the love and joy of owning a companion animal will at some point need to face the sad realities of their furred, scaled or feathered friend's mortality and perhaps need to consider making the ultimate sacrifice: having their pet humanely killed in order to relieve its suffering and/or pain.OTD offers a variety of internship opportunities for college students interested in careers that combine the fields of high-technology and law enforcement.Students who qualify through the FBI’s Honors Internship Program can work at either the OTD facility in Quantico, Virginia or at a field office.Primary functions include counter-encryption and technical operations support; digital and multimedia evidence collection; and examination and processing.The FBI’s Regional Computer Forensic Laboratories (RCFLs) are full service forensic laboratories and training centers, devoted entirely to the examination of digital evidence in support of federal, state, and local law enforcement investigations.TRU supports major events including, but not limited to, the Super Bowl and the Republican and Democratic National Conventions.

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