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Young women experience unemployment more frequently than their young male counter-parts and tend to have fewer occupational/entrepreneurial opportunities.Issues of gender are an impediment to social development of this group if they are not attended to.Young People Heading Households In most cases these are young men and women who are orphans as a result of HIV and AIDS related diseases and other social problems and they find themselves looking after siblings.

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Youth dating service

Young People Living on the Streets Forced out of their families and communities by whatever conditions, they have opted to live and work in the street.

They are generally subjected to harassment, brutality and sub-human living conditions.

Young people often face obstacles in accessing dating abuse services, but a knowledgeable service provider can help overcome those obstacles and support a young survivor's safety.

The following resources offer an introduction to some of the challenges that young people and service providers face when addressing dating abuse, such as what to say when someone discloses that they have experienced abuse, effective safety planning with young people, and the impact of the law on serving young people.

In the near future, the organisation intends to establish satellite offices in various peri-urban and rural areas in all nine provinces of South Africa.

fo YU is an independent non-governmental / nonprofit organisation (NPO) that is positioned to offer, provide and render an inter-sectoral and integrated developmental social service to meet the human and social needs of vulnerable communities, in particular children, youth and their respective families within Southern African Development Community.

Young Women Young people who are at risk because of their gender in a violent patriarchal society.

These are young women subjected to rape, sexual abuse, violence, harassment and unplanned teenage pregnancy.

The organisation‘s scope of work targets both historically disadvantage communities in rural and peri-urban setting where it is positioned to act as an implementing agent on behalf of government or through its own initiative.

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