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We became good friends, and wanted to work together both spiritually and creatively.” Boreing and Levi wrote a TV series pilot together and, with their friend Joel Moore, produced a feature called ).

They also started a production company called Coattails Entertainment, developing other features and short films.

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After landing a part in the four-season ABC sitcom when he was 21, Levi knew finding a home base was an urgent matter.

Eventually, he realized the men’s Bible study he was part of was fulfilling all his spiritual needs.

“We spend a lot of time talking about the first-century Church, and that it’s just another way of being intimate and familial, and those are really appealing aspects of it,” Boreing says. That’s why Zac has success walking the line as a believer in a largely secular setting.

He’s not creating division between himself and other people; he just rests comfortably in who he is and in his faith, and trusts God with the rest.” So what does it mean for Levi to live out that faith on-set and around his non-Christian co-workers? He admits it’s not always black and white, but the key is to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit in whatever you say and do. Are you available to be part of the solution and not the problem?

Because of this whirlwind, Levi admits to needing friends, faith and a few fun escapes (i.e., video games and ping-pong) even more than the next guy.

“You realize God is good and He gets you through whatever in life,” Levi says.

God protected me a lot and also let me fall on my face a lot.

One big blessing of it all was purging a lot of that out of my system before I got into Hollywood.

But for Levi, the star of NBC’s hit action-comedy , his house is everyone’s house.

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