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It's just a very stylish, well-directed program that makes Glasgow seem like the most wild, exciting place on Earth. Americans got our own dose of high-quality pay cable lesbian drama with Showtime's the zombie uprising has come and gone and thanks to new medicine the undead are now able to retain their consciousness and return to life as it was before "The Rising." Mostly anyway.

The citizens of Roarton naturally have a difficult time reintigrating the reformed zombies back into their lives after spending so much time hunting them.

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's 1989 premiere, how could you possibly pass up the opportunity to see the now omnipresent Neil Patrick Harris play a child doctor.

It's patently absurd and could make for the most fun you've ever had watching with a group of like-minded friends.

To be fair to Digimon was never able to become anywhere near the franchise it's "mon" rival Pokemon did.

That's probably because the premise is fairly limited. All of Digimon's cultural shortcomings don't change one immutable fact though.

Which is kind of funny because if you walk into any Hot Topic in present day, you'd assume We've got a lot of international representation on this list.

Quite simply you don't know about a TV show because it doesn't air in your country.

I don't have the Den of Geek demographic reports in front of me) or watch it like an anthropologist, studying the Screech, Zach and Kelly Jungian archetypes it created.

Showrunner Bryan Fuller is TV's My Chemical Romance.

The show was about high schoolers in a fictional Pittsburgh suburb trying to survive adolescence and the various crises of the day.

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