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A whiteness shade chart is supplied on the side of the box to help you monitor your progress.

Dr Stemmer says: This product does not contain any powerful bleaching ingredients, so it's not a whitening product in the true sense.

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This particular paste claims to whiten and brighten teeth safely, using low abrasive granules or micropolishers.

Dr Stemmer says: Calling this toothpaste a whitening product is perhaps misleading.

But it does contain pumice, which has been added to give the teeth a powerful scrub and remove stains.

Pumice stone is extremely abrasive, so dentists tend to use it only occasionally - for example, to roughen the surface tooth enamel to get a filling to stick.

Arm & Hammer is well known for using baking soda in its products.

They say this can clean away unsightly plaque and reduce deep tooth stains better than ordinary toothpastes.

I would certainly not recommend that teeth should be cleaned with such a harsh product.

Combined with enthusiastic brushing, it could potentially cause significant damage to enamel or cause gums to recede, particularly if used four or five times a year as recommended.

This paste will not bleach teeth - it will only remove stains.

Its low abrasion formula is important and there is evidence to show that baking soda can help to remove stains from teeth.

We all want a brighter, whiter smile, but with whitening treatments at the dentist costing up to £750 a time, many people are turning to DIY kits.

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